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Violin Set Full Size Fiddle
  • 4/4
As low as 180 200 AED
  • 4/4 Solid Wood Violin Set Full Size Fiddle for Beginners Students with Hard Case, Rosin, Bow
  • violin is made of wood panel, maple back board and side plate with inlaid in antique varnish. This is primary practitioner friendly product.
  • Maple wood neck, pear-wood finger board, date wood chin rest and tail nail, aluminum alloy strain plate and four integrated fine-tuning tuners.
  • The whole violin is made entirely by hand, the black line is embedded, the surface is smooth, the vertical line with the high-grade violin is provided, and the hand feeling is good.
  • The tuning knob is made of high-quality wood, the coefficient of friction is appropriate, it is easy to tune, and it is not easy to be out of tune after the sound is adjusted.
  • Brand: Siltron Made in China