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Stainless Steel LED flat Pool light
  • Color: White, 21w, 12v, 26cm dia
  • Color: Warm White, 21w, 12v, 26cm dia
  • Color: Blue, 21w, 12v, 26cm dia
  • Color: RGB, 18w, 12v, 26cm dia
As low as 450 AED
  • Made of super bright LED with high quality.
  • Acid-proof, alkali-proof and UV resistant.
  • Unique technique of resin filling, with waterproof level IP68. Easy to install.
  • Constant color and brightness with protection over electricity and electric surge. cable length 4m.
  • Low power consumption, high stability.
  • Possible to install for par56 light housing with additional support. 1 year guarantee against manufacturer defect.