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MD200 6in1 – Lovibond
  • M
As low as 2650 AED
  • Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Cyanuric acid, Alkalinity-m, Calcium hardness, tablet reagents (OTZ)
  • Highlights Scroll memory Automatic switch-off Real-Time-Clock and date Calibration mode indicator
  • Versatile, compact and: The benchtop photometer MD 200 combines high-quality interference filters with long-term stable LEDs as light sources in a high-precision optic. The result: precise measurement results at all times – no matter where you use it. Pr
  • Applications The MD 200 photometer can be used in almost all areas of water analysis. Pool Water Treatment / Pool Water Control / Boiler Water / Cooling Water / Disinfection Control Drinking Water Treatment / Raw Water Treatment / Wastewater Treatment
  • Made in Germany